History of the Latvian Yacht Club


The Latvian Yacht Club was founded on July 1924 when its fleet consisted of five sailing and four motor yachts. Already after three years the number of water vessels had increased rapidly and reached 28 sailing and 17 motor yachts. Thus, the Latvian Yacht Club took a leading place in the Republic of Latvia during the next years both in regard of the number of water vessels and number of members. The majority of the members of parliament, corps diplomatique and owners of the leading enterprises were members of the Latvian Yacht Club. By the helm of the club were experienced and professional marine sailors and owners of the shipping companies. In 1925, the Latvian Yacht Club obtained in its possession a building plot in Lielupe (by the Gulf of Riga a few kilometres from Riga, the capital city of Latvia) where it operates up to this very day. The club received neither municipal nor state benefits. In its early 20 years of existence, the Club took an active part in sporting and social activities by participating in local and international sporting events.


In 1940, the club had 498 members. During the Second World War from 1941 to 1944 the activities of the club gradually came to an end, since many of the club members, starting with the commodore of the Latvian Yacht Club, were deported. In the middle of October 1944 the darkest day in the history of the Latvian Yacht Club approached – upon their retreat, the German troops burnt down the club building along with 57 sailing yachts, 38 motor yachts and 10 Ice yachts, worth millions of Latvian lats. After the retreat of Germans, in the Soviet times the survivor members of yacht clubs gathered and decided to undertake the renewal club as the Latvian Sailing Club “Daugava”. In 1946, they succeeded in coming to an agreement with the army sapper unit on the construction of the club building. The Latvian Sailing Club “Daugava” has organised and implemented the events of social life, and continuously worked on the training and improvement of professional skills of the new yacht drivers, thus providing an opportunity for the Latvian sailors with their yachts to set sail in the Baltic Sea. The Latvian Sailing Club “Daugava” organises club regattas in the Gulf of Riga on regular basis. The club members take part in the Latvian and European sailing championships. High results have been achieved, including the title of the Olympic champion. In 1990 Soviet republic of Latvia declared the Latvian Declaration of Independence from Russia. Only in 2005 Latvian Yacht Club status was restored.